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The Paper Submission Date Is: September 24, 2012. Your paper should be emailed to npn@buffalo.edu. Once they are submitted they will appear on the conference website.


The University at Buffalo (SUNY), Buffalo State College, and The Institute for European Union Studies at SUNY (IEUSS) are proud to present the first annual European Union and World Politics international graduate student conference.


This IEUSS sponsored interdisciplinary event will take place on October 5-6, 2012. It will be held between the University at Buffalo and Buffalo State College campuses within the greater Buffalo-Niagara region. The conference is open to all relevant disciplines and sub-disciplines including political science, international law, European law, international political economy, economics, policy sciences, international studies and history. This conference is positioned at a seminal time to study Europe's role in world affairs.


Conference Topics


European integration has changed the way scholars have viewed international relations theory. Past research looked at the EU as a security solution for war-prone Europe. Recent events in the Middle East and Africa have demonstrated that the EU can act as a coordinated player on the world stage. The Lisbon Treaty has created the ``European External Action Service'' and established the ``Union Minister for Foreign Affairs''. These advancements are aimed at creating a more effective and coordinated Europe in the area of foreign and defense policy. Even so, the EU is made up of 27 sovereign nation-states and the interaction between national governments and the EU's supranational institutions often have consequences for EU foreign policy. In recent times, Europe's experiment with integration has been tested with the current economic crisis in the Eurozone. The EU's international economic policy has consequences for the world economy.


Papers may cover any policy area of interest, including topical issues such as, the EU’s response to recent conflicts in the Middle East, the Eurozone crisis, the EU’s foreign policy and role in global affairs after the Lisbon Treaty, and the general interaction between domestic politics of member states and EU foreign policy-making.


There will also be an undergraduate panel and an award for best undergraduate paper.


Keynote Speaker


We are proud to present Professor and Associate Chair at Washington University, Matthew Gabel to give a research presentation at the Opening Banquet.


Matthew Gabel is Professor and Associate Chair at Washington University. He was a John Simon Guggenheim Fellow from 2010-2011 and a Robert Wood Johnson Scholar in Health Policy from 1996-1998. He studies a variety of topics relevant to politics in democratic regimes. He currently is working on two NSF-funded research projects focusing on: (a) comparative judicial politics and constitutional review, involving cross-national comparisons as well as the intensive study of the European Court of Justice and (b) on how parties manage (or fail to manage) legislative voting behavior through manipulation of roll-call votes, including parties in national, subnational, and international settings. He has long-standing interest in public opinion and how elites shape mass attitudes. Finally, he collaborates with Neurologists and Psychiatrists on the study of expert consensus panels (particularly those used to diagnose Alzheimer Disease). He has two recent related articles published in the Archives of Neurology. He is associate editor of the Journal European Union Politics.


His research presentation is entitled, Courts and Commerce: Reconsidering the Trade-Liberalizing Impact of the European Court of Justice.


Dates and Deadlines

Conference Dates

5-6 October 2012.

Deadline for Proposals

15 June 2012.

Notification of Acceptance

1 July 2012.

Deadline for Conference Registration

15 August 2012 (conference is free of charge, no registration fee is required).

Submission of Papers to Panel Chairs and Discussants

24 September 2012.


Please submit your paper abstract (250 words) according to the instructions on the The European Union and World Politics Paper Submission Form.


We look forward to welcoming you to the first "European Union and World Politics" Conference!


Conference Organizers and Contact

University at Buffalo (SUNY)

Nicholas P. Nicoletti

Department of Political Science

516 Park Hall

Buffalo, NY 14260


Buffalo State College

Brandon M. Standish

Department of Political Science

119 Caudell Annex

Buffalo, NY 14222



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