LaTeX Dissertation Template for the University at Buffalo, SUNY

$\LaTeX$ Template for UB Thesis/Dissertation

As I was preparing to consolidate what I have written into the first draft of my dissertation I began looking for a $\LaTeX$ template that already contained UB’s guidelines. This search was to no avail (unless someone knows otherwise?), so I began to look at other schools.

I looked over a bunch and Penn State’s template was by far the most visually appealing. It was developed by Gary L. Gray, who is an Associate Professor of Engineering and Mechanics at Penn State. You can find the link to that package here. The template is a fantastic resource but was not commensurate with all of UB’s guidelines. So I spent some time with the code and adapted it for use with the Guidelines for Electronic Thesis / Dissertation Preparation and Submission. The title page now matches UB’s requirements, the sections are in the order UB desires, and I added the option for a Copyright page.

You can download the .RAR file on my website’s Research Page or just click here.

The only feature I cannot get working is the hyperref package and I cannot figure out why. The template has a section dedicated to the hyperref package and even some code to fix some issues with the template. But no matter what I do, the package simply does not work. If anyone has any suggestions let me know!

Otherwise it woks great. Simply copy your information over my own and being typing up that dissertation :).