Should Political Scientist Prescribe Public Policy?

Happy Holidays! I hope everyone is having a great holiday season and enjoying time with family and friends. Prescriptive Realism I just received the December 2011 copy of Perspectives on Politics. As I was flipping through an article immediately caught my eye: “A Realist Foreign Policy for the United States” by Rosato and Schuessler. In this piece the […]

Random Assignment as an Instrumental Variable…

Hello All, I am still reading Experimental Political Science and the Study of Causality by Morton and Williams and in Chapter 5 the authors discuss how randomization in experimental design actually works like an “idea” instrumental variable (IV) in terms of controlling for confounding variables. Essentially there are three conditions for an ideal IV: (1) Statistical […]

LaTeX with WordPress… Test

Hello Again, I just installed “Jet Pack” for WordPress, which lets you use LaTeX code within your posts. I really wanted to get a look at how it works. Simple multiple regression equation: $latex \hat{Y} = \alpha + \hat{\beta_{1}}x_{1} + \hat{\beta_{2}}x_{2} + \hat{\beta_{3}}x_{3} + \hat{\beta_{n}}x_{n}… + \epsilon_{i}$. This feature is really, really nice for writing […]