2018 Midterm Elections Preview

It is mid-October and the 2018 Midterm elections arrive in just a few weeks on November 6, 2018. The GOP and the Trump Administration need to retain control of Congress to continue to enact their agenda, while the Democrats are desperate to flip either Chamber and start blocking Republican efforts. 

The entire Political Science Department at Missouri Southern State University (MSSU) took part in a Round Table discussion on the Midterms for KGCS Newsmakers. We discuss the national political environment and also the Missouri-specific ballot. One of the most important decisions Missouri voters will have to make will be on the legalization of Medical Marijuana. There are three different initiatives – two Constitutional Amendments and one proposition. There is also an important initiative on campaign contributions and gift giving in the General Assembly. You can see a description of all of these initiatives here. 

Check out the full episode below!